Game Night with the Family

Looking to spend a night in? Board games bring many families together around the kitchen table. However, many people are only familiar with outdated board games such as Monopoly or Clue. Board games have a come a long way over the past several decades. Here is a list of some modern board games to enjoy with friends and family.

  1. Catan (1995). Originally known as Settlers of Catan, this German board game has sold over 22 million copies. Players take on the role of settlers trying to establish a colony. While the game has a good amount of strategy, it is approachable and easy to learn. It plays in about one hour.
  2. Deception: Murder in Hong Kong (2015). This originally Chinese game is all about social deduction. Many people have played the game Werewolf. Deception takes the concept of Werewolf and improves the system into a quick, engaging twenty-minute game.
  3. Sheriff of Nottingham (2014). In this game published by Arcane Wonders, players take turns being the corrupt Sheriff of Nottingham. It’s a simple bluffing game where players bribe and make deals trying to sneak their illegal goods past the Sheriff. It plays in around 45 minutes.
  4. Cash N Guns (2014). If you’ve ever seen a heist movie, that’s exactly what this game feels like. During the game, everyone literally pulls out a foam gun and points it at another player, trying to get the biggest share of the loot. This high energy game plays in about one hour.
  5. Age of War (2015). Yahtzee is a classic game, but it hasn’t aged well. Age of War is a Yahtzee style dice game that adds some player interaction and some beautiful custom dice. It plays in about 30 minutes.
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