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Blogging is a great way to share ideas with the public at large. However, it can be difficult to gain a lot of attention with a blog post. Fortunately, a quick look at search engine optimization (SEO) may be useful for increasing the attention and traffic your blog post receives. It doesn’t matter if you are writing a real estate blog or a baking blog post about how tasty tofu. Following these 5 easy steps will give you a quick start on your way to expert SEO status.

  1. Title Tags: Whenever you go to publish a blog, you will have the opportunity to fill out the title tags. Don’t forget to do these. Make sure they are as unique as possible for each blog post.
  2. A Picture is Worth Good SEO Results. Don’t forget to put a picture in your blog posts. Even better is to have text on the image, something short and simple. Google rewards better results to pages that have a picture. They are probably looking at this post right now…
  3. Keywords in the Post: Your keywords you are trying to improve should be researched beforehand. That’s a completely different topic you should look into. Include those keywords directly into the content of your blog post. All of your posts should also be original content.
  4. Links are Very Important: This is something absent that is missing from many SEO how-to-guides. Make sure your posts contain two different links. One link should be internal connecting the post to another page of the same website. The second link should be an external link connecting the post to another website.
  5. Keep Learning: SEO practices don’t stay the same for long. Google is always improving the algorithms and criteria for what it takes to have good search engine results. Always take the time to research new practices. Even this cutting-edge blog post will be obsolete at some point. Make sure you don’t wind up in SEO prison. It’s a scary place to be.
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