Snow Activities for Kids

Lots of kids love to play in the snow. When they get older, lots of those kids will no longer love to play in the snow.

It’s a common sentiment for adults to be opposed to cold and wet snow. However, as long as there are kids, there will always

be a good reason for families to engage in snow activities. Here’s a list of some snow-themed entertainment.

  1. Ski/snowboarding: This is certainly the most expensive activity on the list. There is something thrilling about gliding over the snow at high speeds. Children can learn this winter season favorite at a young age, and be hooked for life.
  2. Sledding: No snow activity list is complete without sledding. Do yourself a favor and buy a legitimate sled. Trying to sled with your kids on a piece of cardboard is miserable.
  3. Snow Shoeing: If you enjoy hiking, you might enjoy snow shoeing. It’s only a one-time expense for the snow shoes, but being able to hike all year is the pay-off.
  4. Ice Castles/sculptures: Midway, UT is a destination to see ice castles, provided the weather permits. You can also keep an eye out for other seasonal ice sculptures in your local area.
  5. Snowball fight: Be aware that you may need to dry a tear or two if someone gets hit in the face, but snowball fights are a classic activity.
  6. Snow Angels: You know the drill. Lay down in the snow and flap your arms and legs like a bird.
  7. Snow Fort: This might be an opportunity to teach your kids about architecture. It’s also surprising how warm the inside of a fort can be, provided you can make one big enough to fit an adult inside.
  8. Snowman: Enough said.
  9. After Playing in the snow, there’s nothing better than hot coco in your warm house.
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