Some Projects you Shouldn’t do Yourself


As a homeowner, you should know that you will always be home maintenance needed for your house. Whether it is a new kitchen sink, a squeaky door, or a toilet that needs replacing there will still be something falling into disrepair. It is tempting to try to fix those things, especially if you are handy and can make the time to save yourself money. However, there are some projects that even the most tool efficient people should allow professionals to handle.

Electrical Wiring

Electrical wiring is an essential part of the home, and you need to treat it with extreme care. Not only is it a sensitive thing because working with electricity can be dangerous, but there are many codes that you need to know about that an electrician will be aware of that you may not be.


A homeowner can usually handle simple plumbing like unclogging a sink or a toilet. A professional should handle any plumbing needs more complicated than that. Plumbing deals with a network of pipes that could take going under your house or other tight spots. Also, if the ducts aren’t entirely leak-free, they can cause more significant problems down the line that could cost thousands of dollars in damage.

Gas-Fueled Appliances

Any appliance that deals with gas need to be installed by a professional. Loose connections or leaks could cause a dangerous build-up of gas that can be unsafe for your home or start a fire. Make sure you leave the installation of gas-fueled appliances to the professionals, so they get it installed correctly.

Tree Removal

When we lived in Seattle, it was often rainy and windy, and with so many trees, there were often trees downed that would hit homes or get close to them. Trees can be deceivingly heavy, slippery and hard to handle. Avoid trying to cut them or move them without the help of professional.

Home additions

Home additions require many things, including permits and the intricate care of many of the additions of the items above. It is better to leave this kind of thing to professionals.

Installing a Water heater

Water heaters are a tricky installation. Not only are they heavy, but they need to be level. Also, they need to be installed correctly so that carbon monoxide doesn’t leak out and cause carbon monoxide to get into the house.

Swimming Pool Installation

Swimming pools can be reasonably easy to maintain once they are set up, but avoid trying to install one yourself. Swimming pools require specific tools just for the job, as well as some people to do the project. It is better to get a pool installation professional to handle the permits, inspections, and installation to avoid the shifting and settling that a pool can cause.

Your home is your investment. Part of that investment is doing some of the work yourself, but when it comes to some more significant projects, leave that to the professionals.

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