The ABC’s of Homeowner’s Insurance


As we know, the home is likely the most important asset you will ever purchase. Decisions regarding your home should always be well thought out and carefully planned. There are a lot of ways to protect your home from locking your doors, making your house well lit, and even installing a security system. But no matter how prepared you are, unexpected things can happen. That is where a homeowner’s policy can come in handy. Let’s discuss the ABC’s of Homeowner’s Insurance.


When you fill your home with people and activity, accidents happen. The reason most people get homes is to provide a gathering place for family and friends. They want to feel like the house is a safe place for all who visit. Homeowners insurance helps protect your home against accidents that cause injury to guests, or damages that happen to the property. Fires are another accident that can cause damage to all or parts of your home. Your homeowner’s insurance protects you from all kinds of accidents.


The benefits of homeowners can be significant when it comes to accidents and disasters. Having insurance gives your family peace of mind in case of natural disaster. Whether a natural disaster happens to your home like a tornado, a lightning strike that causes damage, or even structural damage that causes mayhem with your foundation, homeowners’ policy is there to protect you.


Homeowner’s insurance is an excellent thing for covering your home in case of a disaster. However, there are some things that a policy does not cover. It is essential to know the things that a plan doesn’t include, especially when the natural disasters are frequent in the area where you live. The two significant disasters that homeowners’ policies don’t cover is flooding and earthquakes. These insurance policies cover specific natural disasters.

Also, your homeowners’ policy doesn’t protect your home business. A small business insurance policy covers a policy to cover the risk of your home business equipment.

Within the home, individual property over a certain amount, such as a piano, artwork, some jewelry, and other expensive items. You should identify, and protect all your valuable items under a personal property plan.

As we know, accidents happen and there is little we can do to prevent them. Having homeowners’ insurance can give us the peace of mind we desire and protecting those we love.  For more information, contact Mark Moyes.


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